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Name Something Associated With John Travolta.

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  • Name A Food You Find Raisins In.

    Cold Cereal   33 points
    Cookies   16 points
    POatmeal   14 points
    Salad   13 points
    Bread   11 points
    Bagels   7 points

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6 answers
  • Name Something Made with Ginger

    Cookies   58 points
    Ginger Ale   12 points
    Pumpkin Pie   10 points
    Tea   7 points
    Ginger chicken   6 points
    Carrot Cake   2 points

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6 answers
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  • Name Someone Who Wears White Gloves.

    Doctor   40 points
    Mickey Mouse   16 points
    Nurse   14 points
    Dentist   9 points
    Band Instructor   7 points
    Police Officer   6 points

6 answers
6 answers